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JuliaBox is the fastest way to start using Julia immediately from your browser with no download required. The new and improved JuliaBox includes all of the JuliaBox features you know and love, plus parallel computing and multi-node scalability.
For more information, for running hosted applications or to purchase additional memory, storage, nodes or enterprise support, please contact juliabox@juliacomputing.com
Jupyter Notebook Interface
Runs in the browser
Free registration,
free to use
Perfect for classes, students, professors and new Julia users
Includes 100+ carefully curated popular Julia packages
Multi-node deployment capability
Parallel computing capability
Buy added memory, storage, nodes and enterprise support
This is the new version of JuliaBox. The old version is still available at v1.juliabox.com. Use the data migration tool (User|Settings) to copy your data from the old system. This is a beta version. Please back up your data.
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